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BBC The One Show young people with Edith Bowman

We're on The One Show

BBC's The One Show filmed three young people sharing their stories as part of the #UnderstandMyEpilepsy campaign.

Ruben's story

My son's teacher accused him of daydreaming

A mum is raising awareness of the early signs of epilepsy after her five-year-old son Ruben was accused of 'daydreaming' in class - he now has around 15 absence seizures a day.

Katelinn and Lorna Real Life Story

Katelinn and Lorna: Their journey through Katelinn’s diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis of epilepsy can be frightening and leave young people and their families feeling overwhelmed and isolated. By connecting with other families at our in-person meet-ups, Katelinn and Lorna were able to find mutual support and a safe space to share the challenges they face.