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Raise money

Show children and young people with epilepsy that you’re on their team!  

#TeamPossible is an incredible team of fundraisers like you, who share a passion for changing the lives of others making a difference by raising funds for children and young people with epilepsy.  Everyone can get involved, in Schools, families, communities, and businesses and come together to show children and young people with epilepsy that we’re on their team. 

together, we create possible. 

Ways to Fundraise

Ways to Fundraise

Do your own thing

Be creative and get your friends, family and colleagues involved at work or school. We love seeing new and unique ideas from #TeamPossible!

Ways to Fundraise

Calling all gamers!

Whether you're live-streaming a playthrough or playing privately with friends, you can raise life-changing amounts of money.

Purple Day

Join #TeamPurple this Purple Day and make a difference for children and young people with epilepsy

Revving up for CarFest 2024!

We are thrilled to be an an official charity partner of CarFest. The funds raised from this exciting family festival allow us to continue our life-changing work to continue raising awareness of epilepsy, alongside providing vital health services and ground-breaking research.

Epilepsy can be one of the most frightening conditions that children and young people have to deal with. It can feel isolating living with a condition that is misunderstood, and in many cases, can never be cured.

Fundraisers across the nation have been a part of Young Epilepsy’s mission to enable young people with epilepsy to thrive and live life to their full potential. We can’t do it without you!

There are no limits to the difference you can make to help children and young people with epilepsy.


Everyone can fundraise for Young Epilepsy. Whether you’re a child, young person, part of a small family business or a large organisation – there are so many possibilities to get involved and join #TeamPossible.

Anything and everything! Whatever your passion or talent, we can turn it into a fundraising opportunity. Join an allegiance of cake-bakers, walkers, dancers and dresser-uppers. You name it, there’s a fundraiser for it!


Got an idea or need some inspiration? Find some great fundraising ideas for children and young people with epilepsy here at 'Do your own thing'. 

Fundraising opportunities are available all-year-round. Whether you want to raise money for your New Year’s resolution, to a summer walking challenge, or even a Christmas fundraiser, there are no limits to when you can raise money for Young Epilepsy. We appreciate every pound raised to make Young Epilepsy’s mission a reality.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the virtual world has opened many doors – not just  for education and work, but for fun things like fundraising.


Now, more than ever before, you can fundraise for young people with epilepsy anywhere across the nation in person or with virtual challenges, online concerts, web-based auctions, and so much more. You can even fundraise from the comfort of your own sofa.


Our dedicated network of #TeamPossible supporters are from all four corners of the UK, with some international supporters too. We’re all fighting for the same cause, putting young people at the centre of everything we do in promoting the rights of children and young people with epilepsy.


Online platforms such as Just Giving make fundraising effortless with easy-to-use templates and simple methods of sharing your campaign with friends, family and wider audiences through the power of social media.


Young Epilepsy also has a range of support to offer you in your fundraising activities. We can provide branded t-shirts, balloons, stickers, collection boxes, sponsorship forms and more. Need anything else? Get in touch with us on 01342 831245 or email us at to find out more.