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School children in a classroom with their hands up

More than 16,000 of you joined us to make a stand

The overwhelming response to our recent petition calling for governments to ensure every child with epilepsy has a current Independent Healthcare Plan (IHP) in school has shown just how critical this issue is.

Bottle of topiramate medication=

New topiramate safety measures and pregnancy

Topiramate, also known by the brand name Topamax, is an anti-seizure medication. Doctors should no longer prescribe topiramate to treat epilepsy during pregnancy unless there is no suitable alternative treatment. Girls and women whose periods have started will need to take steps to avoid pregnancy if they take topiramate.

Two young boys wearing football kits running together on a football pitch. They are shoulder-barging each other and running towards the viewer.

5 ways school sports can be inclusive for young people with epilepsy

Many children living with epilepsy love the thrill of sports but people can often restrict them based on the perception they can’t take part. Here’s how schools can enable young people with epilepsy to participate just as fully as other students based on suggestions provided by our audience.

Young woman flying the Pride flag for Young Epilepsy

Celebrating Pride Month

As we celebrate Pride Month, we're taking this opportunity to reflect on our journey towards creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone at Young Epilepsy. We believe that promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion within our organisation is essential. By doing so, we are better equipped to support our beneficiaries in a way that respects and celebrates their individuality.

Jay and Cash

I am Cash

Meet Cash, a 10-year-old with epilepsy who faces focal seizures. Despite the challenges, Cash loves surfing, skateboarding, paddleboarding, and football. Let's support kids like Cash by raising awareness and ensuring inclusion in all activities.

Young boy smiling confident using smartphone at park

Introducing My Epilepsy

Here at Young Epilepsy, we're always striving to enhance the lives of children and young people living with epilepsy. In 2022, we embarked on a national qualitative research project to gain deeper insights into how families manage epilepsy-related information. The findings were encouraging. Every family had their unique methods, but what they lacked was a centralised, secure platform to streamline their epilepsy health data.

Edith and Cash on One Show

Edith Bowman speaks to Cash’s Mum, Kelly

Mum of three, Kelly has more experience than most of supporting children with epilepsy as both her son Cash, 11, and daughter Darla, 9, have been diagnosed with focal epilepsy.