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School children in a classroom with their hands up

More than 16,000 of you joined us to make a stand

The overwhelming response to our recent petition calling for governments to ensure every child with epilepsy has a current Independent Healthcare Plan (IHP) in school has shown just how critical this issue is.


I am me, not my Autism

Livvy was diagnosed with Autism just after her 18th birthday. In her blog she discusses how she always 'felt different' and calls for greater understanding towards autism.

Here are some of the things that happened on Purple Day 2022

You are amazing! Here are some of the things that happened on Purple Day 2022... Purple Day, the International Day of Epilepsy awareness was on Saturday 26th March 2022 this year and thanks to everyone's support, it was a huge success! People from all ages got involved to raise awareness about epilepsy, bust the myths about seizures, and raise vital funds.

Petition launched for mental health support in epilepsy care

Epilepsy is not a mental health condition, yet children and young people with epilepsy are four times more likely to develop mental health problems than their peers. To help address the situation, Young Epilepsy has now launched a petition to call on healthcare leaders across the UK to ensure that every child with epilepsy is offered mental health screening and support as an integrated part of their paediatric epilepsy care.

Register your interest for our running events in 2022

Your dedication is making a lasting difference to thousands of young lives across the UK. With your help, more children and young people who are living with epilepsy can get the support they need to thrive and fulfil their potential.

Press Release - Young Epilepsy Introduces MEG

National charity, Young Epilepsy is set to revolutionise the diagnostic experience for children with the condition by introducing the world’s first clinical wearable MEG (Magnetoencephalography) brain scanning system to its Health and Research Centre in Surrey. Following an exciting collaboration with experienced MEG researchers, clinicians and engineers from around the world, the team have created a wearable optically pumped magnetometer magnetoencephalography (OPM-MEG) system. The charity has placed this innovative technology, which is integrated into a magnetically shielded room, at the centre of its new diagnostic suite.