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Specialist education

125 years of life-changing work

We believe nothing should stand in the way of a full education, personal development or physical and emotional wellbeing.

For 125 years, the lives of children and young people with epilepsy, autism and other complex needs and disabilities have been transformed through the specialist care and support provided by St Piers, Young Epilepsy's specialist education offer.

From its inception, St Piers has pioneered an approach to education focused on developing empowered, happy young people, who can fulfil their ambitions in a nurturing environment that creates a sense of purpose and self-belief in the individual. We are proud of the history of St Pier's estate, its services for children and young people, and its place in the local community. It is the coming together of the students, their families' and the people who work there that makes it such a special place.

To find out more about all the ways in which we support special educational needs and disabilities at St Piers, and the applications and admissions process, click on the link below.

Male student in a red t-shirt, with a support worker, smiling with his hand raised.

St Piers School and College

Our purpose is to create an environment of growth, where young people can thrive and become a valued part of their community.

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