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Calling all gamers!

Could you be a gaming fundraiser?

Gaming and Streaming: Join the Charity Gaming Community

Gaming is one of the fastest-growing ways to raise money and stream for charity.

Whether you're streaming a game online or playing with friends, you can try gaming for charity and stream for a cause. You can raise money for children and young people with epilepsy by streaming a game online or playing with friends. Join the quest to raise funds and help make the world safer and more accessible for them through gaming charity fundraising.

If you're a live-streamer, you can link your streams to us on Tiltify and fundraise your charity gaming event. Join the many streamers supporting charity today and be part of a fundraising revolution!

If you don't want to live-stream, you can fundraise for your gaming marathon challenge with a JustGiving or SuperKind page (for under 18s).

Step-by-Step Guide to Stream Using Tiltify and YouTube

Step-by-Step Guide to Stream Using Tiltify and YouTube

Step 1: Register

Sign up to make a Tiltify fundraising page for Young Epilepsy. You can do it alone or with other streamers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Stream Using Tiltify and YouTube

Step 2: Plan

Decide on your streaming activities and choose YouTube as your platform. Subscribe and make sure you’ve given us your account when you registered for us to share your stream! Organise your livestream content to engage your audience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Stream Using Tiltify and YouTube

Step 3: Fundraise

Raise money for Young Epilepsy by creating a fundraising page on Tiltify or JustGiving and connecting it to YouTube.

Stream to support charity

Looking for ways to fundraise? You can check out our fundraising ideas here. Join streamers across the country who are raising money for charity by connecting your stream to Tiltify or JustGiving. Make it easy for others to donate to Young Epilepsy.


Not sure what gaming charity challenge to do?

Connect with us on our Discord server to discover how others are utilizing gaming for a better cause. Join thousands of streamers for charity and discover the many gaming charity initiatives available today! From charity gaming tournaments to charity gaming campaigns,

New to streaming?

If you're new to live-streaming and wish to start, don't worry! We can help kick-start your charity gaming partnership with Young Epilepsy. You can learn how to create a Twitch account here and start gaming for good with Twitch charity events.

Are you under 18?

The safety and wellbeing of young participants is top priority. You will need permission from a parent or guardian. See our Safe Gaming guidelines for advice on health and security. Make sure you're gaming safely read our safe gaming guidelines

After getting permission, you can join charity gaming streams on SuperKind, a safe fundraising platform for young fundraisers.

Pick a platform and start fundraising!


Streaming Toolkit

Get in touch today to receive downloadable materials that amplify your message. Videos, graphics, and information about Young Epilepsy are available to help make your charity stream successful. Simply email supportercare@youngepilepsy.org.uk to request your toolkit!

Request your toolkit

Can it trigger my epilepsy?

Using a virtual reality headset can cause motion sickness. There have also been reports of first-person games causing slight nausea.

Games must warn if they have flashing lights or animations.

Sudden loud noises can trigger a seizure in some people. Doctors know these as startle seizures, or reflex seizures.

Whilst many use games to relax, some games can also be causes of stress because of their fast-paced action and combat.

Gaming for too long can affect your nutrition which in turn impacts your epilepsy health. Keep a bottle of water and a snack supply with you.

Playing games for extended periods or late at night can disrupt your sleep and impact your epilepsy. Remember to take breaks regularly.

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Tell the world what you're doing

'How to' guide


Choose what you want to livestream, like playing games, baking, making music, or talking. Livestream it and join many others raising money for charity with the ideas mentioned above.

Set up a fundraising page on Tiltify or JustGiving or SuperKind. 

Encourage your friends, family, and followers to tune into your stream. If you inform us about your live streaming schedule, we can assist in boosting its visibility.

Tiltify provides easy fundraising tools. Young Epilepsy can receive the money you raise through your stream on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Live. 

You can earn additional donations through in-stream rewards, incentives, and challenges.

If you already use JustGiving, it's easier to fundraise there. You can also connect your Twitch charity streams to this platform for added convenience. Visit their resources page for further details.

You can use the fundraising tools on YouTube and Facebook, like the donation button or fundraiser feature, to raise money. If you choose to use these platforms, please inform us.

This is entirely up to you! Allow time for planning and promotion to maximize your audience.

Visit our Streaming Event page to see if there are any group events you can join and share with friends. Click the link to check it out.

You can add your stream to a Tiltify or JustGiving page. This makes it easier for loved ones and followers to donate to Young Epilepsy.

Tiltify has easy tools. Young Epilepsy can get money from your stream on Tiltify-connected platforms like Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Live.

Offering in-stream incentives, rewards, and challenges can encourage additional donations.

If you have a JustGiving account, you can use it for gaming donations and link your Twitch charity streams. Their resources page has lots of helpful information.

You can use fundraising tools on YouTube and Facebook to raise money for your cause. These tools include donation buttons and Facebook fundraisers. Just be sure to let us know. Adding your stream to Tiltify or JustGiving makes it easy for people to donate to Young Epilepsy.  

Funds raised provide vital support for young people with epilepsy in the UK. This includes various programs such as youth support, group sessions, and epilepsy awareness training for schools and businesses. We also provide expert advice and conduct genetics research to better understand the causes of epilepsy in children.

Yes, with parental permission. We prioritize the safety and wellbeing of young participants. Check our partner SuperKind, a fundraising platform you can link specifically designed with safeguarding in mind for young fundraisers.

Absolutely. If for any reason you need to cancel or delay your event, simply inform us. You may need to delete related pages on other websites, depending on the event.


Certainly! Once you've registered your event, you can contact our team, or you can explore our digital resources.

Contact us at supportercare@youngepilepsy.org.uk and the team will be happy to help.

Absolutely, we'd be delighted to publicize your live broadcast on our Youtube community channel.

Don't forget to tag our main accounts in your posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This will help our social media team reach more people to support charity through your stream.

We can provide materials to help you make your broadcast more visible and successful.