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Calling all gamers!

Gaming is one of the fastest-growing ways to raise money for charity.

Whether you're live-streaming a playthrough or playing privately with friends, you can raise life-changing amounts of money and join the quest to make the world a safer and more accessible place to children and young people with epilepsy.

If you're a live-streamer, you can link your streams to us on Tiltify and fundraise that way!

If you don't want to live-stream, then that's ok too! You can fundraise for your gaming challenge with a JustGiving page.

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Pick a date to host a charity live-stream

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Create a fundraising page

Set up your JustGiving page
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Tell the world what you're doing

'How to' guide

Not sure what challenge to do?

Join our Discord server to find out how others are gaming for change.

Haven’t streamed before?

If you haven't live-streamed before but want to, no problem! You can find out how to create a Twitch account here.

Are you under 18?

You need permission from a parent or guardian. See our Safe Gaming guidelines for advice on health and security.

Make sure you're gaming safely read our safe gaming guidelines

Can it trigger my epilepsy?

Using a virtual reality headset can cause motion sickness. There have also been reports of first-person games causing slight nausea.

Most games are legally obliged to include a warning if they are likely to include flashing lights or flashing animations.

Sudden loud noises can trigger a seizure in some people. These are known as startle seizures, or reflex seizures.

Whilst many use games to relax, some games can also be causes of stress due to their fast-paced action and combat.

Gaming for too long can affect your nutrition which in turn impacts your epilepsy health. Keep a bottle of water and a snack supply with you.

If you play games for too long or play during the night time, then it can disrupt your sleep pattern and effect your epilepsy, so take regular breaks.