Jack's Story - Our 2020 Christmas Appeal


The night before Christmas is a magical time for many children. They scribble a wishlist, arrange mince pies and carrots on the window-sill, then dive into bed without a word of protest. Why? Because in their wonderful, young imaginations, the most extraordinary events are about to unfold. Reindeer will fly, elves will fill stockings and Father Christmas will slide down the chimney.

But Jack isn’t like other children, because he has epilepsy. Every night, even the night before Christmas, brings the possibility of life-threatening events. Events that no child or parent should ever have to experience.

This is the reality for Jack and his family. Jack has seizures at night, which cause extreme shaking, often a loss of consciousness and breathing difficulties.

Your support can help children like Jack. His condition isn’t hereditary. It just suddenly appeared when he was six - as it can suddenly appear in any child at any time.


Jack’s mum told us:

The whole thing was so unexpected. It was 4am. His face was blue, he was shaking and foaming at the mouth. He looked dead. We had to rush him to hospital in an ambulance. It was shocking.



Jack’s first seizure was unforgettable and extremely traumatic. As more seizures followed, his life changed completely. Jack’s mum struggled to sleep properly herself because of her anxiety. Jack’s mum needed help too:


I became a nervous wreck. I had to keep getting up in the night to check on him.


Wonderful people like you can help to make Christmas better for families like Jack’s.

£12.50 could pay for half an hour of advice and support for a family struggling to cope with epilepsy.

£25 could pay for a child or young person to benefit from therapeutic support, provided by Specialist Caseworkers, to talk through the complex challenges of living with epilepsy.

£50 could make a huge difference to our comprehensive research programme, to help us gain a better understanding of epilepsy, improving treatments and enabling early diagnosis.

£100 could support the development of our ground-breaking wearable MEG scanner, a tool that measures magnetic brain activity to help determine the best treatment pathway for children, including their suitability for epilepsy surgery which could enable them to be seizure free.

Apologies if you received an appeal letter from us with different information. Please see above for the correct cost examples.

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