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What I Need In School WINS 2023

Children with epilepsy are at a greater risk of learning and behavioural difficulties than children without epilepsy. Despite this, there is a lack of research exploring the views and experiences of young people with epilepsy, their parents and school staff with regards to educational supports that could aid learning in children with the condition.

Understanding the experiences of young people with epilepsy from communities that experience marginalisation

The aim of this project was to hear about the experiences of managing epilepsy care from children, young people, and families from groups which may be more likely to face marginalisation. Our focus was particularly on children and young people with epilepsy from Black and minority ethnic communities, those living in deprived areas, and those with a co-occurring neuro diverse condition and/or a learning disability.

Annual Report 2021-2022

Our purpose at Young Epilepsy is to help create a society in which children and young people living with epilepsy can thrive and fulfil their potential, have their voices listened to and respected, and their ambitions realised.

Valproate survey 2020

Between October 2019 and January 2020, Epilepsy Action worked with Epilepsy Society and Young Epilepsy to conduct another survey of women who have taken or who are taking valproate, since the introduction of the Pregnancy Prevention Programme (PPP)