Fundraising ideas

If you don't know what you want to do, we have lots of ideas to help inspire you. Whatever you choose to do, we'll support you the whole way.

By fundraising for us you are helping create a future where young people with epilepsy are heard, and they get the support they need, when they need it,. Download our fundraising pack today and show children and young people with epilepsy that you’re on their team!

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Fundraising ideas for you

Need inspiration or stuck for ideas? Checkout our ideas below for ways you can raise funds. And whatever you decide to do we're here to help.

All things cooking and baking

Bake Off 

Challenge your friends, neighbours or colleagues to take part and don't forget to post the pictures of your 'starbaker' online!

Bake Sale

Sell your bakes at home, in the classroom, or at work

Come dine with me

Cook for friends and ask your guests to donate what they would normally pay for a three-course meal

Get active

Walk or Run

Can you get in 10,000 steps a day? Set a target and a deadline, lace up your trainers and step up for Young Epilepsy!

Celebrations & socialising

Why not host a quiz?

This could even be done virtually. There are loads to download online, or create your own. If you’re in a pub or club, perhaps hold a raffle too to raise extra funds!

Games Night

Host a video-gaming marathon or step away from the screens and go old school with board games

Fundraising Dinner, Disco or Ball

For the more ambitious fundraiser how about a gala dinner? Find the perfect venue, get corporate sponsorship if you can and ask for freebies to make your budget go further. Get the help of friends to plan the event with you and help out on the night. Alongside ticket sales, why not add a raffle and an auction to boost your fundraising even more!

Birthday Fundraiser

Instead of having a party or receiving presents this year, how about setting up a donations page on Facebook and asking your friends to donate instead of presents?

Talent Show

Who in your class has a brilliant party trick or hidden talent? Put on a show to show off your skills

Challenge Yourself

Choose an activity, set a target, choose a date, and ask for sponsorship as you complete a solo challenge

Wear it!

Dressing-up Days

Whether you organise a fancy dress day at school or work, or get sponsored for doing something silly, you'll be helping change the life of a young person with epilepsy.

Change Your Look

Shave your head, beard, or dye your hair to raise money

Wear Purple

Everyone donates to dress up!

Clothes Sale

Clear out your wardrobe whilst raising money for charity – win-win!

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