Young man sat on sofa, leans forward toward the camera engaged in conversation.

Voice & support

Children with epilepsy have a right to be heard. We’re here for them.  

We are pushing the boundaries to ensure the voices of children and young people with epilepsy are heard, their voices respected and their ambitions realised. We work holistically with them, their families, health and care teams, and their education settings, to create a supportive environment for them to thrive and reach their potential.

The Voice in our Voice and Support programme, ensures children and young people are at the centre of all we do. We listen to the views and experiences of children and young people with epilepsy and amplify their voices to improve support across the UK. We actively engage with children and young people with epilepsy to make sure the support we provide meets their needs.

Our Support services build on years of listening, learning and expertise, to offer unique, holistic and tailored models of support. 

Youth Voice

Listening to and understanding the lived experiences of children and young people with epilepsy.

Support & inclusion

Our Support and inclusion team works with young people and their families to help them through their diagnosis and beyond, to better understand their rights, as well as helping them get access to the right services and support.