Young Epilepsy's Children in Need funding enters second year

Now into its second year and aimed at those aged between 10 - 18, the Transition Support Programme works with individuals and groups to help children and young people cope with their condition, develop independence, raise aspirations and improve their personal and social skills. It also brings parents together so they can share experiences and support each other.  

Our Children in Need funded Transition Support Worker, Alex Gwilt-Cox works full time on the programme. He has been part of Young Epilepsy for nearly ten years, working with St Piers School and College students as a support worker and a positive behavioural mentor.

Alex Gwilt-Cox says, about the project:

Across London families can feel isolated. Even in a bustling metropolis of eight million, it’s possible to feel alone and not know where to turn, especially, if you have a child with a condition like epilepsy.

Often, young people with epilepsy won’t know that others have had similar experiences to them. Putting young people into contact with each other can sometimes be a huge step in helping them to find the strength to overcome life’s challenges.

It’s still early days, but I’m excited about this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people with epilepsy, in London.

It is the team’s goal to help 200 young people, living with epilepsy, over a three year period.

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Article published: Friday 16 November 2018