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Young Epilepsy joins forces with Geek Retreat

We’re teaming up with Geek Retreat to create an inclusive gaming space for young people with epilepsy.  

Geek Retreat is a ‘geek culture’ retailer, gaming café and events hub, all rolled into one. What started out as a fun place to play games and grab a milkshake, quickly turned into something far more meaningful than they ever imagined.  

Their customers became communities that thrived in the freedom to be themselves, reveled in the enjoyment of playing games and built long-lasting friendships. 

Now with over 50 stores across the UK, Geek Retreat are working with Young Epilepsy to make sure their stores and communities are a welcoming, safe space for young people with epilepsy

We’re working together to ensure Geek Retreat staff have an awareness of epilepsy and the different types of seizures to create a space where young people with epilepsy feel included and comfortable to head over to a store, play their favourite games, make friends and just be themselves. 

Over the coming months, selected Geek Retreat stores will be hosting gaming events to raise epilepsy awareness in their community.   

Our Youth Service Co-Ordinators will also be using the Geek Retreat stores for meet ups, activity days and group support sessions for young people with epilepsy. 

More details of upcoming Geek Retreat events and activities are coming soon – keep an eye out on our website and social media channels and head over to the Geek Retreat website to find your nearest store. 

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