Young Epilepsy & Epilepsy Research UK: Fellowship Award!

Childhood epilepsies are associated with significant additional conditions which, over the course of someone’s life, can have a much greater impact than seizures. Seizures are often the most obvious, or extreme symptom of the underlying cause of someone’s epilepsy, but they are rarely the only symptom. Additional conditions of childhood epilepsy include ADHD, autism, learning difficulties, motor difficulties, behavioural difficulties and mental health/emotional difficulties. Anti-seizure medications only go so far when seizures are not the only thing someone is facing.

Young Epilepsy has been coordinating research with UCL and Great Ormond Street Hospital under the leadership of The Prince of Wales’s Chair of Childhood Epilepsy, Professor Helen Cross OBE, for over 15 years. We are passionate about understanding the causes, impacts and treatment of childhood epilepsy in order to drive early diagnosis and intervention for every aspect of someone’s epilepsy. We know the earlier you can treat successfully, the better the outcome.

Epilepsy Research UK’s vision is ‘a life free from epilepsy’. They have raised and invested over £2million into epilepsy in childhood, and over £10million to all epilepsy in the UK. Their mission is to drive and enable life changing, lifesaving research into epilepsy.

Both organisations are thrilled to be working together to offer this support for research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of childhood epilepsies. We have kept the criteria very open in order to maximise the breadth of opportunity in this field and we are sincerely looking forward to receiving applications.

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