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NEW campaign launch

#UnderstandMyEpilepsy campaign

1 in 3 children with epilepsy do not get the support they need in school

This month sees us launching our new Understand My Epilepsy campaign. We are standing shoulder to shoulder with young people living with epilepsy across the UK and tackling the issue of inclusion.

We know children and young people are often faced with the issue of being unnecessarily excluded from events in their life, often through a lack of understanding of their condition. Young people can meet this misunderstanding of their condition in all walks of life, but as we begin our campaign we are focusing on education.

Class teacher is amazing, has everything in place to support (my daughter) to make her no different to any other pupil.

While we know there are some amazing teachers out there, we’re here to help all educators understand epilepsy and how to keep students living with epilepsy safe and included at school. Without an individual approach to support, children are not given what they need to ensure they are safe and included. Young people are being left out of opportunities that with some support and understanding they could be a part of.

We are campaigning for every school across the UK to understand their students’ epilepsy and how they can best support and include them in all aspects of school life. This means understanding their seizure type, their triggers, their medication side-effects, the impact on their mental health.  

A current Individual Healthcare Plan must be in place for every child living with epilepsy so that no child living with epilepsy is unnecessarily excluded from any aspect of life due to misunderstanding around their condition. Where they can take part safely – they do! 

Find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved here

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#UnderstandMyEpilepsy campaign

#UnderstandMyEpilepsy campaign

Would you like to learn more about the campaign?

#UnderstandMyEpilepsy campaign is led by young people with epilepsy. We work with them; listen to them, and with them we will amplify their stories. Working together we will take their voices to the decision-makers and make them sit-up and listen.  Click here to find out more.

#UnderstandMyEpilepsy campaign

Do you know a young person with epilepsy?

If you know a young person who has epilepsy, you might be unsure of how to talk to them about it. Not all epilepsies are the same, so it can affect people differently. But don't worry, understanding their condition starts with a simple conversation. Click here to find out more.

#UnderstandMyEpilepsy campaign

Do you teach a young person with epilepsy?

If you are an education professional or a provider of extracurricular activities for children and young people please visit our Guide for Schools which provides, information, tools and guidance and supporting young people in your care. Click here to find out more.