BBC The One Show young people with Edith Bowman

We're on The One Show

The One Show films young people sharing their stories as part of #UnderstandMyEpilepsy campaign.

On a cold but sunny day in November we met in London’s Red Lion Square, just outside the Epilepsy Research Institute, to film something very exciting for BBC’s The One Show. 

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As part of the #UnderstandMyEpilepsy campaign we heard stories from young people facing unnecessary barriers through people not understanding their epilepsy. The One Show film explores this misunderstanding of epilepsy and how this can impact young people in the careers they aspire to. Presented by Edith Bowman, who herself lived with epilepsy as a child, the film explores the impact of the condition and current advances in research.

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Edith Bowman with Joe, Cash, Jasmine and Theo

As always at Young Epilepsy, young people are at the heart of everything we do and filming with the BBC was no exception. We are incredibly proud of the young people that joined us for this opportunity. Having the courage to stand in a public space in London and talk about your experiences while being filmed is no small feat! Not only did they speak openly and authentically, their courage will offer a chance for other young people to see stories like theirs shown on primetime TV.

17-year-old Jasmine told Edith how she was excluded from her school’s work experience programme with her condition given as the reason. Jasmine would love to go into sports journalism and should have had the same work experience opportunities as her peers albeit with any additional support she may have needed.

11-year-old Cash talked about not being allowed to join a football camp in the easter holidays. Organisers had a blanket restriction in place preventing anyone with epilepsy taking part, something that meant aspiring footballer Cash was left out while his friends took part.

Cash has come home absolutely buzzing, which I knew he would. He’s made himself so proud today. Cash’s genuine highlight was chatting to Edith as if he’d made a new friend. The fact she even stood and looked at pictures on his phone with him - what an incredible woman she is.
Kelly, Cash's mum

Our Young Trustee, Joe also joined us to talk about some of the positive experiences he has had in his first job. His current employer has taken the time to understand what Joe’s epilepsy means for him specifically and has supported him accordingly.

It was an amazing experience. It really felt like our voices were being heard and that we could be authentic and true to ourselves. It enabled me to highlight areas of positive experience of employment and epilepsy, whilst considering the range of challenges that many of us face when getting a job.
Joe, Young Trustee

The One Show also spent time reporting on research from the Epilepsy Research Institute, of which Young Epilepsy is a founding partner. 

You can catch us on BBC The One Show by heading to BBC iPlayer and selecting Monday 27 November episode.