teenager and consultant

Transition: Questions to ask your epilepsy team

Life's journey is already full of twists and turns, but imagine navigating the path to adulthood with epilepsy. Taking the next ‘major step in life’ can feel even more daunting.

Our awareness film Growing Up with Epilepsy offers valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs faced by young adults living with epilepsy.

You will probably have lots of questions about transition and about your epilepsy as you get older. It can help to make a note of these so you can ask your epilepsy team during the process.

Some questions that might help:

  • What is 'transition'?
  • What is the plan for my transition?
  • When will I move to adult services?
  • Will I have an appointment at an epilepsy transition clinic?
  • Do you use Ready, Steady, Go?
  • Can I meet the staff at my new clinic before I leave paediatrics?
  • Are there other young people I can speak to about transition?
  • Can I bring someone with me?

What is Ready Steady Go?

Ready Steady Go is a programme that helps young people with long term conditions with the process of transitioning from children’s to adult services. It aims to help people gain the knowledge and skills they need to manage their condition.

It is for young people (aged 11+) with a long-term condition and their parents or carers.

You can ask your epilepsy team if they use Ready Steady Go. Even if they don’t you can use the Ready Steady Go resources for free, which might help you prepare for transition.