National Epilepsy Week 2018 summary

Aimed at helping everyone understand the true impact of epilepsy on children and young people today, the film sees Young Epilepsy ambassador, Hum Fleming invite young people like Owen (pictured, above) to speak openly about their experiences of living with this largely hidden condition.

Included in the film are: Olivia Salvati, a University student from London; Owen Thurston, an intern at Royal Albert Hall from Redhill in Surrey; Axel Grassi-Havnen, a DJ from Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands; and Rachael Lewis, a University student from Wokingham in Berkshire.

As well as sharing more inspiring ‘epilepsy moments’ throughout National Epilepsy Week, each day Young Epilepsy encouraged people to talk about a specific aspect familiar to most young people living with the condition. Covering topics such as the impact of epilepsy on childhood and mental health to the importance of the right support and celebration, the charity heard some incredible stories and enjoyed a terrific response to our live polls, quotes, facts and statistics.

Young Epilepsy most proud of the many touching and personal moments young people have been brave enough to share on social media and through our campaign website. For instance: Yasmin revealed what it was like to get her dream job; James told us how hard work and his Fine Art degree paved the way to him getting professional commissions doing what he loves; meanwhile Joe relived both his worst and best moment with the condition as he continues to raise the profile of epilepsy. One thing that rang true in almost all the moments we heard was how young people refuse to let epilepsy define them.

You can find out more myth-busting facts and personal stories about the impact epilepsy has on children and young people today, as well as getting involved with the #InTheMoment campaign.

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