My son's teacher accused him of daydreaming

From the age of five, Ruben's unpredictable behaviour saw him getting into trouble with his primary school teacher - who thought he was 'mucking around' in class.

His mum, Stephanie, 44, was told that her son's behaviour was poor, he was failing to pay attention in lessons and he was too distracted by 'daydreaming'.

But Stephanie, who wished not to disclose her surname, couldn't pinpoint why her kind-hearted little boy was suddenly the 'naughty one' and getting lots of sanctions in school.

Then one evening, they were out for dinner in a restaurant when Ruben suddenly lost consciousness - and she instantly knew that something was seriously wrong.

Stephanie said, "Ruben's first teacher was really negative about him and she would speak to me about him misbehaving and daydreaming."

"He was six years old and we didn't know what was wrong. Then a few months later, I noticed it for the first time. He just froze up for around 15 seconds."


Ruben's story

The mysterious episodes that Ruben was having regularly appeared like vacant stares. He would momentarily blackout and struggle to speak or listen.

While one school teacher refused to look beyond his 'behavioural problems', another picked up on the blackouts and Stephanie was encouraged to see a doctor.

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