What Max has planned for his Purple Day

"In May last year when I was 6 years old, one day I suddenly felt a bit funny, dizzy and sick. My mum was there and helped me but I don't know what happened, and I woke up in hospital with lots of nurses and doctors looking after me but it was a little bit scary. After that it happened quite a few more times, and each time I felt a bit funny and sick, and then woke up in an ambulance or hospital.

"I had to have lots of scans and tests of my head and my super brain, which didn’t hurt, some were quite fun, and I was then told by the doctor that I had something called epilepsy, and had to start taking some tablets.

"Mum and Dad told me that having epilepsy means that I sometimes have bursts of energy in my super brain which causes something called a seizure, a bit like a burst of energy in my legs making me want to run around! All the teachers at my school know about my epilepsy and know what to do if I have a seizure, and my friends look after me too.

"I have a special bag with emergency medicine which comes everywhere with me, and school have some too. That medicine helps to wake me up from a seizure, and makes me a little sleepy for a while, but soon after a seizure I feel much better, and don't remember much.

"Mum told me about Purple Day on 26th March, the international day for epilepsy, and asked me if I would like to try and raise some money and to help other people understand more about epilepsy. I have chosen to raise money for Young Epilepsy, as they have helped my family and school understand a lot more about epilepsy, and how to help me if I have a seizure. With lots of other young people I am taking part in the 26 miles in 26 days challenge, and with my mum and dad we are doing more than this, and walking 26,000 steps every day for 26 days up to Purple Day. I have already raised over £400!"

Thank you, Max!

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