Cash smiling at the camera

I am Cash

I am Cash. I'm 10 years old.

My epilepsy means I have focal seizures. 

My legs go funny, and I also get this weird taste in my mouth. I usually get really hot and then sweat a lot.

I had my first seizure when I was five years old. I was diagnosed at eight years old. I usually have a seizure every week, so that affects my whole week.

If I get really hot, overexcited, really angry or really nervous, I have a seizure.

The seizures last around five to 10 minutes. Afterwards, I usually get really tired and have to go home from school. I usually go to sleep for around two to three hours with a fan in my room to cool me down. 

Teachers give me more time because I find it harder to concentrate in school with my epilepsy. And that really helps me. 

I really like surfing, skateboarding, paddleboarding and football. 

Football training is on Wednesdays and matches on Saturdays. I play football all the time. I've been playing for around four to five years. 

I play for a local team and I'm a striker. When I score a goal, it just makes me really happy. Last season, I scored seven goals. I'm the top scorer for the club and dream of being a footballer.

After school finished for the Easter holidays, all my friends and I could have gone to this football camp, but they wouldn’t take anybody with epilepsy, they actually had it on their website, kids with epilepsy not allowed. The coaches didn’t know what to do if I had a seizure, so they wouldn’t let me go.

So I wasn't allowed to join the camp. It made me feel really angry and annoyed because all my friends could go but me.

They have changed the rules for epilepsy now, but they won't let you have a birthday party there if you have epilepsy. 

Help coaches to know what to do if a player like me has a seizure. Let them be a part of the team.

I am Cash. Understand my epilepsy.

Will you help a child being unfairly left out?

Right now, children like Cash are being excluded from the activities they love simply because they have epilepsy.

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