Raising epilepsy awareness with Tia's Treasures

Tia's Treasures was founded by then six-year-old Tia, when doing her favourite hobby - creating bracelets. When it became apparent this was turning into a mini-enterprise, she took it upon herself to include charities. In recent years, she has raised thousands for good causes. We're delighted that this year, she's chosen Young Epilepsy.

As we write this, in the first month, she's raised £400 and no doubt, this total will continue to rise and rise.

Tia's inspiration comes from her youngest brother, Toby. He was diagnosed with epilepsy at ten months old after having various seizures three months previous. As part of raising the profile of epilepsy, Tia made the decision to create Epilepsy Awareness Seahorse Keyrings.

Proud mum of Lisa and Toby, Lisa Hutchinson, tells Great Yarmouth Mercury:

She held a raffle and had 1,000 tickets. We told her it’d raise £100 each for her charities, but she wanted to do more. So we bought her another book of tickets, and she sold all of those too and raised £200 for each.

We held it in our back garden and she streamed it live on her Facebook page. We had raffle prizes like a spa day for two donated, and a £50 photography voucher.

When Toby was diagnosed she wanted to fundraise for an alarm to go in his cot in case he had a seizure. But people don’t realise how dangerous epilepsy can be. For her it’s as much about raising awareness of the dangers of epilepsy, as the money itself.

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