Books about epilepsy - recommended reads

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DINGS, by Lance Fogan

Renowned US professor in neurology, Lance Fogan, has written this hugely insightful novel about an eight-year-old boy named Conner and his eye-opening accounts of life after an epilepsy diagnosis. While the story is fiction, Conner's experiences are all too common in childhood epilepsy.

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Looking at the Stars, by Lewis Hine

Lewis has been one of the biggest figureheads when it comes to epilepsy awareness in the last two years. The video he published in 2017, on his sixteenth birthday, has received more than 30 million views on Facebook, and plaudits from the likes of Sir Elton John and Nick Grimshaw. Here, he and his mum Emma tell their incredible story about his daily experiences, as well as rising fame.

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Epilepsy Book for Kids, by Layla Reid

Upon discovering that her mother has epilepsy, seven-year-old Layla felt inspired to write a book about what epilepsy is. The short, handy book is handwritten and illustrated all by Layla herself. By buying this book, some of the proceedings will go to Young Epilepsy.

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Through Plate Glass, by Christine Carter

Christine tragically lost her daughter and unborn grandchild through SUDEP. Fast forward a couple of years, this inspired her to create a beautiful book full of poems about the good times, as well as dealing with grief.

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A Toxic Education, by Mark Doo

Mark Doo from Hawaii, has a daughter with an epilepsy diagnosis. Using his unique experiences, he writes accounts of what it's like for a five-year-old girl to have an epilepsy diagnosis at one of the most prestigious American schools. By buying this book, some of the proceedings will go to Young Epilepsy.

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A Smell of Burning, by Colin Grant

Broadcaster and author Colin Grant writes this book in dedication to his brother, who had epilepsy. It's a story which poigniantly details the impact epilepsy has, not just on the person who has the condition, but on loved ones too.

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Justice for Laughing Boy, by Dr Sara Ryan

In 2013, teenager Connor Sparrowhawk died in a specialist NHS unit, as a result of drowning in a bath after having a seizure. This tragic passing led to his mother's nationwide battle for justice. This book tells her story.

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A Mind Unraveled, by Kurt Eichenwald

Kurt Eichenwald is one of the most recognised columninsts in the United States, featuring frequently in the likes of the New York Times. Here, he writes his memoir which has gotten people talking from both sides of the Atlantic.

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Article published: Monday 3 December 2018