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The Treatments section of My Epilepsy is split into Plans, Medicines and Library.

  • Use Plans for Self Management, Contacts, All about Me, Medical History and Emergency Plans
  • Use Medicines to log yours or your childs medicines e.g "Lamotrigine 500 mg Twice a day Started 06 Apr 2021"
  • Use Library for useful epilepsy-related resources

Complete and access your Young Epilepsy Self Management plans: All About Me, Contacts, Seizure Management, Medical History and Emergency plans. There is also a quick access link to Plans on the welcome page.

  • When you first go on to the Plans section, you will need to add your first plan. You can do this by clicking Add Plan and completing the required information, and following the steps.
  • To enter or update information in your care plans, Open your care plan, Click edit at top right hand side of the care plan and type into the comment boxes.
Tip: You can upload and attach your files to a specific care plan using the “Add files” button at the bottom and don’t forget to  enter a review date.


  • The Self Management Plan is a summary of your key information about your/your child’s symptoms, seizures, and measurements

  • Contacts can store all the contact details for your clinical team and wider support group

  • All About Me: helps you/your child receive individualised care by providing your/their needs when admitted to hospital or when visiting outpatients.

  • Medical History: input past details and upload your latest clinical letter, which contains your recent medical history.

  • Emergency Plan: attach your latest emergency care plan and view advice on how to use rescue medication.

Tip: All Care plans also show a summary of your Diagnoses; Allergies and adverse reactions and Medications sections at the bottom of the plan.

You can use the “Copy link” button at the bottom of any plan to share the plan with your wider support group who share your account.

To find out more, visit the PKB manual plans section here: PKB Manual - Plans (

Add or view a list of current and past medications added by either you or your clinical team

  • Your current medicines are displayed first​

  • You can view and edit medicines, see who added which medicine and when, plus add a photo of your prescription or leaflet as an attachment

  • You can only delete medication you have added yourself. The privacy settings can also be changed, however this could result in professionals and carers not being able to view them

  • Review your medicines record regularly at your clinical appointments to make sure it is up to date

  • To find out more, visit the PKB manual medicines section here: PKB Manual - Medicines (
Remember: You should not stop taking or change your prescribed medications without medical advice


  • Library: Find in Young Epilepsy Self-Management Team, information on living with epilepsy.

  • The ChannelAn online space for young people living with epilepsy, for trusted advice and honest answers, real stories about life with epilepsy and life hacks that can help you.​

  • Shared Health Links: Connect with others in the epilepsy community via the Hub or add a link to new information you find helpful.​

To find out more, visit the PKB manual library section here: PKB Manual - Library (

Note: If your hospital trust team is also using PKB, you can select one or multiple files and use the 'discuss' button to instigate a conversation with your clinical team.


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