june postal appeal

Children with epilepsy need your help

Sadly, 1 in 3 children with epilepsy are being let down by inadequate support at school.

“My friends get me, but my teachers don’t understand. If I have a seizure at school, they just think I am daydreaming. Schools need systems in place for people like me.” (Caleb, 10)

Young Epilepsy want to help schools put that support system in place for children like Caleb. We are working with schools so that children with epilepsy feel safe and are included. But we need your help.

Every child with epilepsy deserves the support they need to be safe and included at school.

“Members of staff had no idea how to cope with seizures. Some even accused him of faking it, others thought it was disruptive and an inconvenience.” (Parent)

You can help ensure children feel safe and included.

Your kind support will make a huge difference. Children with epilepsy need you.

£10 could provide a pack of resources for a school, such as our ‘Guide for Schools’, first aid advice and assembly ideas.

£20 could provide an hour of expert advice and information for a school that needs it.

£50 could provide online epilepsy awareness training for an education professional to help them better understand the condition.

£100 could cover the cost of running a school assembly to teach children about how to support their classmates with epilepsy.

£275 could provide a school or college with a face-to-face epilepsy awareness training session.

Together, we create possible.