Young people’s experiences of epilepsy and mental wellbeing 2021

Key findings

Young Epilepsy surveyed young people with epilepsy (aged 25 and under) about how living with epilepsy has affected their mental wellbeing (their thoughts, feelings and how they are able to cope with everyday life). We found that:

  • 99% of young people said living with epilepsy has had an impact on their mental wellbeing (77% significant impact, 22% small impact).
  • 52% of young people do not find it easy to talk about how living with epilepsy makes them feel.
  • Young people with epilepsy said their mental wellbeing has affected different areas of their life, including:
    o Time with their friends (77%)
    o Physical health (66%)
    o Employment (63%)
    o Learning (57%)
    o Time with family (50%)