Research Report 2022

Young Epilepsy coordinates and funds research into the causes, treatments and impact of all aspects of childhood epilepsy. We want to secure the best outcome for everyone affected by the childhood epilepsies and we know the best way to do this is through research.

During the past year, our research programme has continued to conduct over 40 active projects. Despite the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on all our lives, wee initiated seven new research projects. These projects focussed on a vast array of topics, including the development of web-based interventions for staff currently supporting children with epilepsy, the advancement of cutting-edge neuroimaging techniques, and a six-year follow-up study investigating the neurodevelopmental status of childen who presented with epilepsy in the first year of life.

Whilst these new projects are just a snapshot of the entire research programme; their diversity demonstrates our commitment to encouraging all areas of epilepsy research.

Whilst we continue to conduct research into understanding and treating epilepsy, we recognise the importance of providing outstanding support through educational, psychosocial, and service-based research.