Annual Report 19-20

Our purpose at Young Epilepsy is to help create a society in which children and young people living with epilepsy can thrive and fulfil their potential, have their voices listened to and respected, and their ambitions realised.

Young Epilepsy's annual review looks at the range of work we have carried out over the course of the year. It explains how donations, contracts and fundraising activities have helped pay for our services. 

In 2019-20, we worked with children and young people across the country, as well as many of those people and organisations who shape their lives - parents, health and care professionals, researchers, teachers, policymakers and more.

Informed by young people and drawing on our strong legacy of expertise in education, health and research, we have developed and published our new 2020-2025 strategy.

This focuses our work around 4 offers; Learning, Health, Research and Information, with firm foundations in our three value statements:

  • Young people are at the centre of everything we do
  • We work together to make a greater difference
  • We are courageous and ambitious for change