Research Report 2014/15

Young Epilepsy coordinates and funds research into the causes, treatments and impact of all aspects of childhood epilepsy. We want to secure the best outcome for everyone affected by the childhood epilepsies and we know the best way to do this is through research.

Our research continues to focus on all aspects of childhood epilepsy; looking towards optimising outcomes. New projects initiated over the past year have included a randomised controlled trial of the ketogenic diet in children under two years of age, funded by the NIHR, and a neuroimaging project which aims to use new technology to develop more advanced MRI scans that may better detect brain areas active at the start of seizures. We also appointed a Darzi Fellow, jointly with UCL-ICH, UCL Partners and the Whittington Hospital NHS Trust to develop an integrated tool, encompassing novel solutions, to address the gap between the desired standards in epilepsy service provision for children and young people and the services they are currently offered.