Behavioural assessments

We provide specialist support for young people or children and young people up to the age of 25 with behaviours that challenge and are linked to epilepsy, autism and/or other related neurological conditions.

This page provides details of the service we offer, the referral process, personalised plans and follow-up reports. 

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What we offer

We offer a full residential package which includes an in-depth evaluation of any environmental factors, including the impact of prescribed medication, which are triggering the behaviours of concern. This enables the team to work with the individual and their families to develop appropriate strategies to either eliminate or reduce the specific behaviours targeted.

The young person is always at the centre of the work we do, and we are mindful of seeing things from their perspective. Our highly skilled multi-disciplinary team offers a holistic approach and works collaboratively with the child or young person to understand the effect that the behaviours are having on their development.

It is essential that each assessment is tailored to meet the needs of the young person. To facilitate this, we conduct a short residential pre-assessment to enable the team to get to know the young person better, including gaining an understanding of their likes and dislikes. The unit manager then designs a comprehensive assessment plan for the young person’s stay with us to ensure that the programme of treatment is made on the basis of a detailed evaluation and an understanding of their individual needs. This means that choices around medical, educational, social and care support needs are all personalised accordingly. At the end of the assessment programme, a full evaluation report is provided along
with the offer of outreach follow up where appropriate.

What is the referral and assessment process?

1. We accept referrals from the child or young person’s GP, childcare specialist or consultant.

Ready to make a referral? Download Assessment and rehabilitation referral form and when complete email:

2. Once we have reviewed the referral, if we believe we can effectively support the child or young person, we’ll offer them a home visit, outpatient appointment or pre-assessment. The pre-assessment allows us to get to know them better, including their likes and dislikes and set goals. The short and long-term goals set will determine the basis of each individual’s proposed programme and enable outline costs to be calculated for the referrer.

3. A programme for the assessment period is developed to an agreed time frame, usually from 2 to 12 weeks in duration. This includes weekly input from each discipline, depending on the child or young person’s needs.

4. The parents/carers are an integral part of the team and are kept fully informed and involved, as appropriate, throughout the assessment period.

5. Multi-disciplinary team meetings will be held throughout the stay to review progress and adjust the programme
as necessary.

6. At the end of the assessment
period, a discharge summary is provided detailing the focus of the assessment and general medical or behavioural needs.

7. A comprehensive report is sent to the referring body, trust and parents outlining findings and outcomes.
The report is generally sent within a month of discharge.

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