Zaid Appeal

"If it wasn’t for Alex, then I don't think I would be here. If I didn't have that support system around then I would have done something stupid."

"Alex is my Young Epilepsy Youth Support Worker. At my lowest point he was there for me. I felt like I’d totally shut down. I said to Alex, I really need help. But I can’t admit that to my parents yet.

I was frightened, lonely and feeling like no one understood me. But Alex got me.

He understood young people and he understood epilepsy, mental health. He knew where I was coming from. Since that day Alex has been supporting me. When I need him he’s there."

- Zaid, Young Person with epilepsy


You can make sure children and young people like Zaid don’t face epilepsy alone

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By making a donation today, you can make sure children and young people like Zaid don’t have to face epilepsy alone. You can help ensure there’s the right support system in place for children to turn to at their time of need.

"Frightened and misunderstood. I had reached breaking point."

"My name is Zaid and I’m 18 years old now. I have both absence and clonic seizures that can last for several minutes. I was first diagnosed with epilepsy aged 9.

I first met Alex when he came to my school for a meeting with my parents and headteacher. I was 11 at the time and things had got really bad.

I was being bullied at school. I couldn’t admit to my parents that I was feeling suicidal. Alex gave me his number and said to call any time.

We had conversations over the phone and text messages. We went to see the GP together as a precaution. They gave me some tablets that didn't help and some leaflets that I thought were useless. Stuff that’s online. Things I could print out myself.

The only thing that was working for me was me offloading to Alex because he was an outside person. And I thank God I found that one person who actually gets me.

Young Zaid

Alex helped me to turn what's negative into a positive and that's really helped me. Because I used to see things in a negative way and always overthink things. And now that’s all changed. Slowly, slowly but I see things positively now."

By making a donation, you can make sure Young Epilepsy Youth Support Workers like Alex are on hand to help people like Zaid. Children and young people don’t have to face epilepsy alone.

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"Alex helped me see things positively"

"No child or young person should have to go through what Zaid did. But he’s an incredible person and I’m proud of all he’s achieved and the journey he’s been on.

The 1:1 therapeutic support I provided for Zaid focused on helping him live with epilepsy and gave him a space to discuss his fears and anxiety. We also put in place solution-focused approaches to getting back into education.

I worked with Social Services and healthcare professionals to ensure that Zaid’s needs were properly assessed and supported. Having a crisis intervention plan agreed with Zaid and discussions about who he could reach out to really helped.

Alex, Young Epilepsy Youth Support Worker

It's so important in my role to bring everyone together around the child or young person to help them get the support they want and need. Having an integrated plan that your family, school, Support Worker and healthcare professionals are all a part of is key.

It’s difficult, but you've got to start the ball rolling and make sure they've got everything in place to fight that fight and feel empowered to know and stand up for their rights."

- Alex, Young Epilepsy Youth Support Worker

You can make sure children and young people like Zaid don’t face epilepsy alone

£25Could provide one hour of counselling with a Youth Support Worker to help a child cope with their anxiety and fears about their epilepsy.
£50Could provide a therapy session for a group of six children or young people with epilepsy.
£150Could provide online training for a teacher in a school taking part in our Epilepsy Positive Scheme.
£500Could provide one day of expert advice to develop our e-learning programme for teaching professionals, improving epilepsy awareness in schools.
£1,500Could pay for the print and production of our Parent Guide for a year. The Guide helps 2,000 families to access the information and advice they need.

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