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Exercise For Epilepsy!

We (and our celebrity friends) did some #ExerciseForEpilepsy

Our studies have shown that many children and young people are being excluded from activities and opportunities at school, purely because of their condition.

One young woman who is determined to not let her condition hold her back is Hum Fleming. Hum’s epilepsy means that she loses her memory every six months, and since her diagnosis she has had to learn how best to manage her condition.

Essential to her is keeping fit and healthy – both for her body and her mind, so when we told her that many young people were missing out on P.E. classes at school, she wanted to help us to raise awareness about it.

And how better but with an awareness-raising boxercise class with Hum and her celebrity friends?

It was a great opportunity for some of the young people who have been supported by Young Epilepsy to play a part in dispelling myths about what people with epilepsy should and shouldn’t be doing.


Hum, said

"I have always enjoyed sports - with or without epilepsy exercise is important for everyone's health and well-being and is an enjoyment that should be available to all. To find out that regularly children with epilepsy are actively discouraged from participating in sport at school saddened me. I was lucky enough to have an amazing supportive group of friends and a school that helped me, never singled me out or evicted me from any of the activities my peers were doing. I hope through this event to raise a little more awareness and hopefully address this unnecessary exclusion especially for children which might already feel different anyway from having the label of epilepsy."


Sport and physical activity is often thought of as being potentially too risky for children with epilepsy to participate in. However, the benefits of keeping fit and healthy are far-reaching and can be hugely beneficial in helping children manage their condition, with physical and mental health benefits.

Teachers often haven’t been provided with the training and support they need to understand how epilepsy could affect the child (or children) in their care. With the very best intentions of keeping the child safe, it can lead to them missing out on many experiences which would be beneficial for them. In response to this, we’ve produced a brand new online guide for schools which contains information and practical tools to help them better support children with epilepsy.

We’ve already had some great media coverage about the event – keep an eye out for today’s edition of Hello! Magazine to see more photographs of the event.

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