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Can epilepsy be cured?

It does depend on what type of seizure and where in the brain it is happening, but in a few cases people can grow out epilepsy altogether.

However the first step is usually for someone to be prescribed antiepileptic drugs which will reduce the number of seizures.

It’s important not to stop or skip medication, as uncontrolled seizures can be dangerous or may lead to more seizures. If you’ve forgotten to take a dose of medication, follow the advice of your doctor, pharmacist or epilepsy nurse specialist.

Depending on the type of epilepsy and if there hasn’t been a seizure for two years, there may be the possibility of gradually stopping medication. However there are risks around having a seizure because you’ve withdrawn medication.

What are the side effects of medication?

There may be unwanted side effects when taking medication, however these may settle as your body adjusts to them. If not, there’s a huge range of antiepileptic drugs and a different medication may suit you better.

If medicine is taken for seizures, it is very important that:

  • It is taken at roughly the same time each day
  • Doses are not missed or skipped (if you do, tell someone)
  • If you feel sick, tired, dizzy or unwell, you tell your parents or carer
  • You never take more tablets than you have been prescribed
  • You never give your tablets to anyone else

Is there any other treatment for epilepsy?

Medication works best for almost everyone, however for those few people who don’t respond well to antiepileptic drugs, there are other alternatives, including brain surgery, a treatment called ‘vagus nerve stimulation’, and the ketogenic diet which is a therapy based on what you eat.

Find out more about alternative treatments

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Currently only 52% of the population of people with epilepsy are seizure free.

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