Christmas Appeal
Young Epilepsy Christmas Appeal

Help children and young people with epilepsy get the support they need

Make a donation this Christmas and help ensure that children and young people get the care and advice they need to cope with the mental impact of epilepsy.

Children and young people with epilepsy are four times more likely to experience a mental health problem than their peers.

At Young Epilepsy, we hear stories like Kirsten's all too often. These are her words which you may find a little shocking.

"It is 100% paranoia of when I'm going to have a seizure. I cannot go out of the house without having my Mum next to me. If I do, like when I used to travel to my course or college by myself, oh my God, in my head the whole time I was thinking something bad is going to happen to me.

When am I going to have a seizure? If I do, what's going to happen? Is someone going to do something?

It is so hard dealing with a seizure by myself, I'm not used to it. I've been spoilt by my Mum always being there to talk me through it, look after me. The thought of dealing with it by myself is scary".

There isn't enough support for children and young people to help them cope with the mental health impact of epilepsy. This Christmas, will you make a donation to help young people like Kirsten get the advice, care and help they need?

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Kirsten has struggled to get the support she needs

"I suffer with depression. I do get paranoid as well, possibly because of the medication I'm on. I feel like my mental health is holding me back, but I feel society is holding me back even more to be honest, because people don't understand epilepsy.

They just they hear the word and think it is just about seizures. They just don't understand that there's different types of epilepsy and some can be controlled with medication.

From primary school I was getting bullied because of my seizures. I didn't know I had Asperger's back then either, so I was struggling to communicate with other kids, and I didn't know why. I was just that girl in the corner huddled up on my own.

Every time I had a seizure, I had everyone in the playground crowded around me staring at me and I had kids mimicking me saying nasty things and calling me names.

I didn't get any support of any kind. I really haven't had any support throughout my life. Even now there's very little so Young Epilepsy are really important because they are trying to change that."

You can help young people like Kirsten this Christmas

On top of their epilepsy, young people face many additional challenges that take their toll on their mental wellbeing. Christmas can be a particularly challenging time of year.

Your donation can help our Youth Support Workers provide tailored advice and therapy both face to face and online.

Your donation could also help us to provide the training and advice that education professionals need to better support children and young people with epilepsy in secondary schools across the UK. This training enables them to feel confident in explaining epilepsy to other children and to help ensure each school is 'Epilepsy Positive', with a support plan for each child.

Together we can increase the emotional resilience of children with epilepsy like Kirsten, helping to build their confidence and reduce their anxiety and depression.

Let's create a society that doesn't stigmatise epilepsy and where children and young people can get the support they need. Please make a donation today.

Donate today

There's more to epilepsy than seizures.
Let's get on top of it.

#OnTopfOfEpilepsy - Learn more about our campaign to provide integrated mental health support for children with epilepsy Donate today - Help young people like Kirsten get #OnTopOfEpilepsy

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this story and feel you need support, there is help and advice available

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